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Quality Standard

Quality Standard

We believe that what sets us apart from others is not only our huge and extensive range of sports music and celebrity memorabilia, but the extremely high standard of framing and parceling also.

We pride ourselves on having the very best presentation, and believe that all our items deserve to be treated with ultimate quality of care so that our customers receive the very best.

We understand how important the loyalty to your favourite team, player, or even band can be, and so we do everything we can to make sure you are receiving the very finest quality products with absolutely no cutting corners.

We use the superior material of glass rather than acrylic PVC when framing our memorabila. Acrylic has a tendency to bow or warp within a frame over time, severely damaging the overall look of your product. Acrylic also scratches easily, which not only reduces the presentation of your item, but can also affect the worth of the piece overall. Even something as small as the wood pulp in paper towels is enough to scratch the surface of acrylic, so we use high grade glass that can be cleaned much easier and improves the overall visual effect of the product.

Once your item has been framed or boxed, we meticulously package and parcel it so that it arrives safely without incident!

Accept nothing but the very best when it comes to your treasured item. True collectors trust Mementos Memorabilia to deliver on quality and never cut corners.