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The British Grand Prix - Facts & Figures!

The British Grand Prix - Facts & Figures!

This weekend sees the 2017 British Grand Prix come to Silverstone for another year, below are some of our favourite facts about the prestigious event!

1. Along with the Italian Grand Prix, it is the oldest on the calendar having been part of F1 since
2. Silverstone held the very first round, with Giuseppe Farina winning in an Alfa Romeo
3. Williams claimed their 100th victory at Silverstone (where they also won their first) in 1997
when Jacques Villeneuve won his 2nd British GP in a row
4. Alain Prost and Jim Clark have won the British GP more times than any other driver - both
totalling 5 wins
5. Lewis Hamilton is one of only 8 drivers to have scored back-to-back wins in Britain
6. Ferrari have won the British GP in every decade apart from the 1980s
7. Cornelius Horan (also known as The Grand Prix Priest) was arrested at Silverstone in 2003
after running across the track with a banner stating, "Read the Bible"
8. In 2013 Silverstone reported that 6000 bottles of Champagne, 10,000 bottles of wine and
20,000 bottles of water were consumed
9. Mark Webber holds the crown for fastest lap, having completed one in 1:33.401 in 2013
10. Due to the cost of hosting the British GP (around £17million!) Silverstone's owners have
triggered a break clause which could mean the last race will be held in 2019!

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